The day your employer turns their back on you..

Me and my friends / coworkers have been in this job a long time. Me 8 years, some of my friends up to 10, some only 3 or 4. Our Ambulance service is run by the town so we are town employees.

It was really nice for a long time being different then the other privately owned services. Our town really encouraged us for those 8 years to be a part of the community, get involved, live in the community.

But then Union Barganing happens. This would be our third time going into Barganing. And then that’s when you find out qhat your employers/town council really feels about you. Many times I’ve heard Paramedica are way over paid, we are lazy, they dont understand that we work 96 hours a week. Our radio goes off at Noon, 5 PM, Midnight, 2 AM, 4 AM. It never stops until our days off.

But you can never change the minds of someone who can’t see past their own pre conceptions.

So then Friday afternoon happened. And we got word that the town was going to vote Monday night to give up the Ambulance service to AHS. We seen what they did here.

We heard from the grapevine. They didn’t tell us outright face to face. They tried to keep it a secret until the vote actually happened.

This was a terrifying prospect for many of us. We were angry, felt betrayed. Would we even have a job when someone takes over ?

If another private company took over they didnt have to bring us over. They could hire all brand new staff and save money in wages. It was a crazy few weeks after words and after the 5 stages of grief we get word that no private company will be taking us over. AHS will be. We will be government employees. We will get to keep our pension. We will bet better wages. We will get to keep our jobs!

After a few weeks we are all now really excited at the prospect and cant wait for the takeover to happen.

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