Stuff An Ambulance

Years ago when I first started we would do annual Thanksgiving food drives at 3 of our major grocery stores and try to “Stuff an Ambulance” full of food.

Thanksgiving we were told was when the food bank was at its lowest shelf supply and in most need of food.

Every year it was such a big success and it would get them through Thanksgiving and Christmas. But one year Easter came and their shelves were bare and they had people in need.

They asked us if we could do an Easter food drive to help them out. Of course we agreed. It’s always a big success. And most of our community members young and old are always willing to help load up the ambulance. A family member of mine once had to use the food bank on occasion so its something I definitly like to do when I’m available.

With AHS taking over were all unsure how many of these community events we will be able to keep doing.

Our EMS haunted house for sure is done. It was a great 3 years doing it, it was stressful planning but so much fun seeing it succeed more and more over the 3 years we done it.

RIP haunted house – we will miss organizing you.

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