For my Fellow Redditors

One of the things I have really taken a liking to is reddit. How did I not discover the treasure trove of knowledge, information, entertainment of this thing before 1 year ago. I have missed out on so much by not being a part of the reddit community.

This post today is for a fellow redditor r/capricesun. I read one of his posts and he asked the internet to Just chat with im, fill him in on the goings on with all the strangers of the world and their daily lives. The world is full of interesting people, people with stories and experiences, and there are so many places on reddit to read about these, its absolutely fascinating, once you filter through all the shit posts, haters, and negativity, there is just an equal amount if not more, positiveness mixed in there. So then I decided, Id tell my story of today, in a chronological breakdown:

I woke up at 4 AM. I had a terrible sleep, I woke up at 2 am, again at 3 AM my subconscious must have been worried about sleeping past my 4AM alarm. I picked up an extra casual shift in a town 1 hour away and shift starts at 6AM.

I got up at 4:02 worried if I put my head down I’d fall back asleep. Gave my dog a good morning hug. Hes a medium sized dog, black and white, Named him Barkley after a Star Trek Character.

I walked up stairs put him Outside and was greeted, as I usually am, by my roommates 2 cats.

Showered and dressed in my uniform by 420, leaving me 10 minutes for packing my lunch, making coffee. Have to be quiet as to not wake up my room mate.

I cant afford living on my own. I live pay cheque to pay cheque, and child support takes a large chunk of my pay every month. Luckily my room mate and I get along good and we give each other our space but I just moved in last year and I want to stay in her good books .

Coffee finished (Black Rifle Coffee – love the stuff) I hit the road to the gas station. 430 on the dot. Still plenty of time. And all the pumps are put of order ? Wtf. I have just over 1/4 tank. I’ll be fine

I hit the road. Started my favourite spotify playlist and sipped my coffee.

Its pitch black out, quiet, I live in a small town so thankfully no worries of driving through city traffic.

430 AM drives are so peaceful, the sky was clear you can see so many stars.

530 I arrived at work. 30 min early. Perfect. That gives me time to finish my coffee sit down and read reddit for 20 min in peace and quiet.

I walked In to the Ambulance Bay , all the units are here, perfect, night shift was at station and not doing calls and currently sleeping.

I read this guys post on reddit and thought “this guy sounds cool, I liked the post I’m gonna do up a long write up, and here we are”

My partner walks in at 550 cutting my reddit reading short a bit, but that’s ok. I’m tired and forgot to introduce myself. Shes new with this company, her first day on shift as a casual employee, like me, but I’ve been casual here for years. She seems nice. I think I met her before somewhere. But cant place it.

6:00 on the dot. Night shift wakes up and hands us the radio. They said they had a decent night. Only 1 call that took them from 6pm to midnight and they got to sleep from Midnight to 6 am.

My partner and I sign Into the Ambulance , the computer terminal between the drivers seat and passanger seat. EMS in my town is all computerized , sign into the computer, and all maps and dispatches are done on the computer. Long gone are the days of paper maps and writing addresses on note pads to remember where you are going.

We spent 5 minutes doing the unit check. The last crew didn’t use any equipment so everything should be good to go, at least they said so.

Its how 641 AM. The radio just went off, we have our first call of the day.

Duty Calls

The Call ended up being a transfer (Driving 1 patient from one hospital to another for a test or treatment) – In this case an MRI to determine if she had a stroke. There was something off about this patient, the hospital thought maybe she was faking stroke symptoms. (No one knows why she would fake her symptoms, other then she has some sort of Behavioural / Psych issues going on)

Of course you cant just look at someone and say “Your Faking Medical Symptoms”

Picked her up at 8 AM, drove to the hospital in the big city, an hour and 20 away. MRI Takes 5 Minutes, as were waiting for Results shes sitting there on her phone, and whatever ring tone or message notification she had, it was An Obnoxious Loud Barking Noise. “Oops sorry i meant to try to turn it down”

My partner is watching her, she tells me she intentionally turned it up. She changed the ring tone, now its obnoxiously Quacking. Why is this happening ?

An hour and a half drive back, drop her back off at the sending Hospital. 11 AM, All Right, LUNCH TIME! We clean up and restock our ambulance and head back to the station

BAM, Radio Goes off before we even get 2 blocks down.

Gentlemen with shortness of breath. All right, an actual Emergency call and not a transfer (Transfers are 80 percent of our job – driving people around from hospital to hospital multiple times a day)

We arrive and this man is Large. maybe 400 lb, a huge gut, thats hanging down to his knees. Says hes having shortness of breath and chest tightness since yesterday. My Man, you should have called Yesterday…..Now your body has been short of breath for so long, your heart is beating at 180 per minute, your pale and sweaty, and your oxygen saturation is 77 Percent (Normal is 100 Percent, 90-94 is Not bad if you have lung problems) Immediately were thinking, this man might collapse and go into cardiac arrest on Us. We treat him with a Nebulizer of Ventolin and Ipratroprium Bromide (Combivent – Kind of like your prescription inhaler, just more potent) he takes 10 min, his Oxygen comes up to 85. Much better, he decides to walk to the stretcher…quite the process considering his size AND Weight. but we managed. got him to the hospital and cleaned up and got back in service.

1230- that call took a while, an hour and a half. We were able to do some in town errands, shopping and what not for about 30 minutes and took a Lunch for about an hour.

2 PM- pager goes off for another call – been up since 4 AM, as im writing this I am not even sure what this call was – Drawing a complete blank – whatever it was Took about an hour.

3 PM- we finished Lunch and the radios went off again, at least we got to rest for a bit – I’ve had so much coffee my heart was pounding but the blanket of fatigue was unavoidable. Thank goodness these 4 AM wake up times for a 6 AM shift arnt a regular thing, being a Casual Employee. This call is out in the country, takes us about 15 min to get out there. Came in as Bleeding on the leg, recent surgery. we get to the house out in the country and this middle aged gentlemen is on the toilet pants down. Another Large person, maybe 300 lb. – What is with all these Fat people today? How do people let themselves get this fat ? its ridiculous. They get fat, Fat people get unhealthy, I have to pick them up – one wrong move and these fat people could cause an injury to me or my partner that would put us out of commission for weeks. This gentlemen had surgery 2 days ago on his knee, and figured he was ready to come home. He got home 1 hour ago, sat on the toilet and had no strength in his legs to stand himself up. His Wife, a skinny lady, had no power to lift him up either. My partner and I tried 4 times to lift, Grabbing his arms, Under the Shoulders, Wrapping a belt across his chest, sliding a blanket under his butt and lift from that – Nothing worked. he was to big, too fat and too heavy. we had to call for back up. got on the radio called for another unit to respond for a lift assist – they arrived 20 min later, and between the 4 of us, and it really took all 4 of us to get this guy off the toilet, onto the ground, onto a “Mega Mover” (A Plastic sheet with 12 handles that can carry up to 1000 LB – made specifically for Morbidly Obese Patients) and we carried him into the bedroom onto the bed, where he was finally able to get to a sitting position and was able to stand on his own.

He didn’t want to go to the hospital, although we told him, if you cant even stand up from the toilet, you should be in a hospital. But he said he has equipment coming to help him around the house. So we did the paper work, and 1.5 hours later….the call was done.

Finally 5 PM – shift is over in 1 hour. sit on the couch, put our feet up….man I could go for another coffee – I opted for a Beef Soft taco, supper leftovers from last night. 530 PM – My relief comes, 30 min early, right on! hand over the radio, and I grab a coffee and hit the road for the one hour drive home.

Get home about 630 PM, my dog is outside, and Damn was he happy to see me, Barking and running in circles, and Super Excited. Been gone all day, Ill treat him to a special treat I have hidden in a drawer, a rib bone, he loves eating those things.

Log onto some Xbox, and me and a buddy Log into Division 2 and knock off some missions to Take back Washington from the Bad guys. 3 hours later I realize its 11 PM – Should probably get to bed for my regularly scheduled shift at 8 AM tomorrow.

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