It’s all fun and games…until a giant monster grabs you…

I’ve had the opportunity to work at several different EMS stations over the years, in cities, and other small rural communities, and I think I’m most fortunate where I work currently with the co workers I have been working with for several years now.

In most places you work with someone, and at the end of the day, people just want to go home to their respective families, houses, and not a lot of people want to spend extra time with their co workers outside of work.

Several of the people I work with have similar interests as me. When not on calls were gaming together, card games, board games, and most recently D&D. A few weeks ago I started a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. A Home Brew campaign (a story I made up myself not from a campaign book). Its been fantastic so far, we have had 8 sessions so far and it’s an amazing team building activitiy. Our one player who is a volunteer firefighter, uses D&D to write a report for her Practicum on self care practices.

We get together every Friday night and we rotate who’s responsible for supper. I think on my next turn I’m going to surprise everyone with home made Lasagna.

Luckily out of our 8 sessions, only twice have we been interrupted with calls.

It’s my first time being a DM (Dungeon Master), there is so much work Involved and so much pre game preparation it’s almost overwhelming. But it’s so much fun when you get going. 10/10 would recommend this to any crew with downtime.

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