Start of 2019

The first month of 2019 is nearly complete. I’m pretty sure as you get older time gets faster and faster and faster. It only seemed like recently I started blogging and here it is 5 months later. (the 3 month break probably didn’t help)

Working in Emergency Services, Sometimes you wish a new year would bring new changes to the people you serve.

It doesn’t.

One of the first calls I had in 2019 was “Smoker Lady”

Sometimes you cant help but get extremely irritated with someone, to the point where they just make you mad. This person is a regular, Calls 911 every other week because she is old, falls to the ground (Usually when going to bed) And needs EMS To come pick her up and put her to bed.

Shes a stubborn one too, absolutely refuses to move into a lodge, I think she is waiting to die in her own home, which part of me gives her credit for, I respond to calls in the Lodges in this town almost daily, and I would never want any of my family members here. But there is a point where you cant take care of yourself, and you should not be at home by yourself. This lady smokes, maybe 3 packs a day. Walls are stained yellow, and as soon as you park the ambulance and get out you can smell the smoke emanating from her house like an ancient evil presence. you get within 20 feet and its stuck on you like glue. This particular day, I had JUST finished showering, and put on a fresh clean uniform. (we have a supply of 4 uniforms per employee) . Calls with this individual thankfully are quick, go in, pick her up, do the paper work, put her to bed, go home. Just being in her house Hurts your lungs to the point you are sure you are leaving with 2nd hand smoke lung cancer. The drive back to the station, you smell it, its in your hair, your clothes, the entire ambulance smells of it. Back to the shower, you have to throw your uniform Into the Laundry Immediately after getting home or your entire house will smell of cigarettes. Luckily I had 1 clean uniform left.

As Much as I hate responding to this lady, there is one thing that is really sad about it, She has no family in town. And I cant even imagine who lets your family waste away like this. She has family, But they just live elsewhere. No one came to visit her on Christmas, No family members stop in to care for her, to make sure shes ok. It blows my mind how some people can just do that to their parents when they get older.


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