EMS Haunted House 2018

The time of year has come and gone, and took me nearly 2 days to recover. My co worker and I did a huge amount of prep work this year unlike last year.

Every year we have sign up sheets at 2 of the local schools for volunteers, and we had expected 30 students to volunteer for us. That’s a lot of help, but help that would have been greatly appreciated and I had planned specific jobs for almost each person to make the evening go by smoothly.

Our Haunted House event consists of 3 parts , the Haunted House itself, and a games area for the kids, and a pumpkin carving area where families can come get a free pumpkin and carve it and take it home.

We had 6 games set up, and a lot of then were built for the under 10 year old age group.

So the night before, Friday evening we did as much prep work as possible. We did some painting, made signs, got our walls set up.

The next day we started at 8 AM, cleared out the fire hall, and began set up, our 30 volunteers were slated to show up between 10 am and 2pm.

One of our firefighters, like the last 2 years, brought 200 Hot dogs and set up a free hot dog station to get a hot dog chips and a juice box. There is a lot of under privileged families in our community so giving out these items for free was an important part to our event. The cost of getting into it is a donation to the Food Bank.

We were off to a great start, ahead of schedule. The last 2 years we were pressed for time, not being ready to go until minutes before the event started.

10 AM rolled around and our make up artist showed up. We have been extremely fortunate in finding her locally, she volunteers all her time and supplies to do make up for 2 to 3 people. She makes her own masks and does amazing work.

Every year she gets together with our local NHL hockey team and does make up for them for their Halloween events. Our event wouldnt be the same without her.

2 PM rolls around. And we have 8 volunteers. Our of the 30 that were supposed to have. At this point I’m getting concerned. Haunted house is 3/4 complete were missing 22 people, and there is no way to track them down, on top of that, 4 people from our work who said they would show up cancelled or just didnt show up. 3pm and stress levels are getting pretty high.

We had a few people step up and volunteer to help be actors in the haunted house. We had planned for 12, we had to do some pretty big cut backs and go for 8 and still make it work.

6 pm Hits. Doors are opened and people are piling in. In the end we had 398 people walk through the door. A successful night.

Me and my co workers completed our 4th annual event.

But the stress and disappointment of the volunteers and co workers really made me start to second guess wanting to do this again next year.

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