Last Day of Work and T-5 Days to Haunted House

Another week done and days off is quickly approaching, which im looking forward to. Luckily my partner and I had it pretty low key this tour, with not a lot of calls or transfers coming in.

We were paged out today at 6 am today, for an elderly lady who fell out of bed. A pretty standard call, with a large percentage of our population elderly we go to calls where the elderly fall quite often. We get there and the lady was on the ground, she was conscious and talking, she was a fairly obese women, maybe pushing 300 pounds.

Our initial assessment determined no injuries, so we attempted to pick her up, bit she said she had to strength to lift. It took a few tries, and got her on a chair finally.

Finally getting her up, we quickly realized why she was having so much trouble getting off the floor, the left side of her face was droopy, her left arm hung to the floor and her left left wouldnt move. This lady was having a full blown stroke.

The 2 of us were not going to be able to get her into the Ambulance ourselves, we ended up having the fire department paged out for a lift assist. They arrived within about 15 minutes and we utilized a sheet called a “Mega Mover” most ambulances in Alberta has these or something similar.

With the number of obese people in North America increasing we need new ways of getting people out of the house and into the ambulance without injuring our back.

A Mega Mover is a canvas style sheet with 10 hand holds and can carry up to 1000 lb or more. Once the Fire Department arrived 6 firefighters were easily able to pick up the patient and put her on the stretcher so we could get her in the ambulance.

Once there we got to work, hooking her up to our monitor checking her heart, getting an IV started and calling pur dispatch who sets us up with Online Medical control with a patient update for a Stroke and we get told which major hospital to send the patient to.

And off we went, lights and Sirens to the city, it wasnt exactly sure how long ago the stroke began but every minute after it starts several brain cells die, so time was of the essence.

In a week we do several calls that involve elderly patients falling on the ground. Especially at the lodges / old folks homes. For some reason thats beyond me the lodges have this policy that they will not pick up someone who fell to the ground. Even if they are not injured. They are required to call 911 so we pick them up and tuck them back into bed. Picking up elderly off the floor is almost a regular occurance, but once in a while, like today, a simple fall isn’t as simple as it seems. And is important to not let complacency get in the way of work.

Hopefully with the days worth of calls out od the way, the rest od the evening will be quiet and the radios wont make a sound,

With T-5 days to the haunted house, we have a lot of prep work to do tonight before days off tomorrow.

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