For the love of the Job Part 2

Its been a good week so far. The last few days at work we havnt had too many calls, we got to sleep through the night and we had a decent amount of down time.

Being on a core/flex schedule has its pros and cons. One of the Pros in my opinion being that after your initial few hours of hall duties you get to go home all day, although your on call and have to be ready to respond at any time, the day is yours.

I feel fortunate in the fact that my co workers, at least half of them, are friends of mine also, we spend a lot of time together at work, and outside of of work.

This week we got together for a game night weekend. We banded together to make supper at the hall, spaghetti and garlic toast with pie for dessert. I brought the board game:


One of our favorites, you and your friends work together to complete missions in a post apocalyptic world.

This session Me and 4 others vs the Zombies. It’s a fantastic cooperative board game with very high replayability. The missions are tough and we die a lot. Depending on the mission, you either all lose if someone dies, or it’s a win even if only 1 person makes it out alive.

The game gets intense fast, things escalate quickly and next thing you know your surrounded in a zombie hoard:

(The brown characters are our player characters, you can see we are surrounded in green zombies and a Dragon Zombie)

We thought this was the turning point of the game, were we would meet our downfall.

Last week in a game we had 6 of us, the first fell in a hoard of zombies after running in to attack and failing his attack rolls really bad. Imagine running in to swing your sword 4 times at many zombies and missing each swing only to have them eat you!

Our second guy, his first time ever playing, died after valiantly slaying the zombie dragon:

Upon slaying the dragon he took a damage and died. My character ended up on the wrong side of the map, the 2 other remaining survivors were at the end goal. I got surrounded and zombies and died.

2 survivors out of 6 went bad odds….considering usually we all end up dead.

This version of Zombicide was a MediEvil version, other expansions we enjoy playing are more modern day, with cars and guns and buildings to explore.

Luckily for us we got to finish 3 games over a weekend with no interruptions.

Not everyone is always free for a board game event, a lot of times we get together online. Recently with the release of Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, myself and a few friends have been getting together to play that on a daily basis.

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